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Ballygraffan XC Disclaimer Form

All riders must fill in a disclaimer form prior to their lesson. Forms are valid for 12 calendar months.

Ballygraffan Cross Country Disclaimer Form

Your safety is your own responsibility. We DO NOT accept liability for any accident, injury, illness, loss or damage to you, your horse, your vehicle, your companions or your belongings whatsoever and however caused.

  1. I can confirm that I have appropriate current public insurance.

  2. All riders must wear a hard hat to the current approved standard (correctly fastened, no fixed peak) when mounted, body protectors must be worn on the cross-country course. All riders should have full control of their horse at all times and be appropriately skilled to ride safely across fixed obstacles.

  3. Riders should be accompanied, either mounted or on foot and we insist on carrying a mobile telephone in case of an emergency. Children should be closely supervised and dogs are not permitted on the course.

  4. Consideration must be given at all times to other horses & riders and only one horse at a time per fence. If riding in pairs or as a group, horses are NOT to jump abreast of each other and must follow one behind the other. Only tackle fences that are well within your and your horse’s capability.

  5. Riders must use the course in a sensible manner compatible with their level of experience. Please report any problems or damage to us when you return so we can keep the course in first class order.

  6. Only jump fences that are flagged. 


These rules are mainly common sense and are in the interest of your own safety. By signing the disclaimer you are agreeing to abide by these rules. An adult must sign for any rider under 18 years old and remains completely responsible for their safety and actions at all times. You also accept full liability for the actions and safety of any spectators that accompany you.


Cross country training course is for fence schooling only. General galloping is not allowed.


I hereby agree that I will walk the course on foot initially to familiarise myself with the current ground conditions and to make myself aware of any ditches, drains, or other obstacles and will do this every time prior to using the course. I also accept that, I will ride the course and use the jumps entirely at my own risk and that of my horse or my assistants on foot and accept that no liability can be accepted by Ballygraffan. I understand that signing this form becomes the basis of a contract between myself and Ballygraffan and will be in place for the full calendar year of signature.


I confirm that I am happy to accept the rules stated above and to abide by them. I acknowledge that my failure to comply will result in me being asked to leave without refund. 


Name of Rider [please print details]_________________________________________________________


Tel No__________________ E-mail__________________________________________________________


Signature_____________________________ Date______________________________________________

Position e.g. rider / parent / instructor / event organiser_________________________________________

Emergency contact & relationship to rider_____________________________________________________


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