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Brand new Video Technology
in all sessions

Using a simple, effective training system to create an enjoyable learning platform and turn goals into results.

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Victoria is renowned for her attention to detail with both horse & rider. Articulate and thorough, she continuously strives to create a formidable presence, through correct training, tack, turnout and ringcraft. Victoria has coached riders to win at Horse Of the Year Show, Royal Dublin Show, Clifden, Balmoral and National Breed & Performance Awards. She takes a fresh, positive approach to coaching and believes that confidence and a healthy mindset are key to growth and success. 

Every rider is different

Individual tailored coaching is what makes a good rider great.

Working Hunter/ Performance Coaching Session

Find your competitive edge

Gymnastic Jumping or Polework Session

Increase core strength, balance & confidence

Flatwork, Inhand & Ringcraft Session

Develop your skills on

the flat & inhand

Cross Country Training

Fundamental in producing a Performance or Working Hunter horse.

Held at Lisbane Farm in County Down and Flowerhill in County Galway.

Contact Details

Victoria Teuton Performance Coaching

+44 (0) 7929 095 392

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